Great food is both a delicious indulgence and a rejuvenating source of sustained health. That’s why we use the best, most pure, ingredients we can find, and prepare them with care.

How we do it

At Ing Doi, we like to stay healthy, but we LOVE to eat! Our menu strikes a balance, because sometimes you just gotta have something breaded and deep fried! We can prepare food to satisfy the tastes of most, ranging from super healthy fruit salads and smoothies to chicken and chips comfort food.

We serve Western food and Thai food.

We can make most of the standard Thai dishes. Our food is not overpriced, and emphasizes quality and value.

Breakfast dishes include coffee, eggs and toast any style, fruit salad with yogurt, pancakes, and more.

We make our own fresh tempeh, and have homemade tofu.

Rice is brown, or a mix, and usually grown by someone local that we know, with no, or minimal, use of pesticides. We use as many ingredients from our own garden as possible, And sometimes, eggs from our squad of ducks!

We wash market vegetables to remove chemicals.

Sometimes, we will prepare off- the-menu specials, often using ingredients and recipes not normally found in Thai restaurants, here or abroad.

We don’t add MSG, unless you specifically request it.

We don’t use much sugar, but if you don’t want any, just please let us know.

Food hours: Most days, you can get breakfast from 8:00am. The kitchen closes at 8:00pm. After breakfast, service is not always available. If you see us in the kitchen, just ask!